Hos Plature har vi flere spændende samarbejdspartner for at skabe et bedre grund for vildt og biodiversitet i Danmark.

Tech Partners


  • The Infrastructure and Cloud research & test Environment or simply ICE is a Swedish research institute focusing on datacenter research and cooperating with SMEs using a large datacenter of their own. ICE is the leading datacenter research facility in Europe. The facility is open to use primary for European projects, universities and companies.


  • EurA is a well experienced company when it comes to managing technology driven innovations, developing sustainable business models and in providing cross-sectoral technology transfer to SMEs and research institutions. They support the market leaders of tomorrow in the innovation process: From research and development of new products to market launch and international marketing.


  • Lithuanian Innovation Centre is a public consultancy organization with a mission of advising establishments interested in innovation-related issues. Annually, it has over 1300 clients, mostly SMEs, R&D labs and clusters. It is responsible for communication activities.


  • Warsaw University of Technology is the largest technical university in Poland. It is not only the oldest but in the ranking of Polish universities it has taken the first place in its category for nine years. At Warsaw University of Technology, over 180 student research groups, organizations and associations are active, and the educational offer includes more than 30 fields of study.


  • Tartu Science Park Foundation is a nonprofit, noncommercial technology development and business support center. It is the oldest science park in the Baltics and cooperates with many innovative SMEs (start-ups) which assures high relevance and impact.


  • IMCS University of Latvia was established in 1959 as Computing Centre of research character and has significant experience and expertise in research associated with software modelling and development of domain-specific software languages and tools. Apart from research the university has always been involved in commercial software development.


  • Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd. is a modern learning, training and development center for enterprises, educational institutes and researchers in the region of Turku and Southwest Finland. The Center provides a dynamic and comprehensive environment for applied research and professional specialization.