Field data app

We offer mobile apps that helps data collection for field workers, researching institutes and green nongovernmental organizations. Create powerful mobile forms, collect data offline and visualize it with a few clicks. Available on Android, iOS and webforms.

Fully Customizable
Modifiable to any user and purpose

Offline Data Capture
In the field you can’t rely on 4G connection. With the app you can collect data in remote locations even without an internet connection.

Image Capture
Save the findings. Capture a photo and document it in your field rapport

Record Time, Date and Location
Automatic time and date stamp of your registrations. Automatic geo-tagging of your registrations with latitude/longitude coordinates.

With the field data app, you can team-up and connect with the members of your study group, tracking partners and others for a more coherent tracking.

All you have to do is track and click. All your findings will be exposed in a customized web portal.