A number of goose populations in Europe is growing rapidly in number and causes problems for agriculture, vulnerable nature and aircraft security. There is a need for internationally coordinated and agreed adaptive management of the stocks. Based on the experience of the first adaptive plan for pink-footed goose has Waterbird Agreement launched a platform for the administration of certain goose populations. Aarhus University is the data center for this new initiative.

Goosetracker is an application that supports the documentation of wild life geese to protect ecosystems.

Uninvited guests from Siberia are increasingly giving gray hair to farmers. These are the preserved bramble geese, which for thousands of years throw themselves over crops in the fields during the winter season.
A new research project is to follow the way of the bram geese via GPS as they land and eat from farmers’ fields. The researchers will try to get the geese to land elsewhere where they may graze.