About us

Plature is a danish software company, which since 2017 has specialized in providing customized applications and digital platforms for the benefit of a more sustainable wildlife and nature. We provide a powerful visualization tool which easily can be modified and adapted as required.

We take great responsibility for the nature by helping our partners, which consist of researchers, agencies and other non-political authorities. We assist in the collection and visualization of data that can be used in research and decision-making processes to ensure a healthy and sustainable wildlife.

The data that our partners can use for research or in decision-making is collected through our hunting and field work applications. Therefore, it is the many users of our apps that directly contribute to the data collection. The users consist of nature enthusiasts, hobbyists, hunters, students and field workers. Thereby, Plature is the link that connects people who are engaged in nature and wildlife with the relevant institutions, working for a better and more sustainable nature.

As a user of our apps, you are anonymous and you control who, how and to what extent you want to share your experiences and the collected data.

To thank our many users and give something back to those who contribute to the data collection for the sake of nature, we always strive to offer the sharpest tools for hunting and field observations. We want to make it easier and more fun to be a nature enthusiast, hunter and field worker. While doing so we can raise the level considerably of the data that is collected which nevertheless end up at the relevant institutions and agencies.